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Surya Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

SURYA ENTERPRISES UNLIMITED is committed to creating innovative business paradigms that establish enlightened enterprise as the foundation of personal and planetary sustainability and the new standard bar of success for the coming millennia. Our daily pledge seeks excellence in the art of service by recognizing the power of our collective commitment to the health and healing of humanity. We are dedicated to our role of serving as the administrative heartbeat that enlivens our global healing initiative to create healing institutes, health centers, healing spas and health related products for the nurturance of the body-mind-soul continuum. Our mandate seeks to unify science and spirit, medicine and healing and to honor cooperative interplay as essential to the wellbeing of the human spirit. Our company policy to tithe 10% of our profits to local and global healing initiatives demonstrates our dedication to advancing the health and healing sciences and is our signature trademark of compassion-in-action.

Geoffrey Reynolds, CPA

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Intramedicine, Inc.

Intramedicine is a Web-based information company that researches the full range of scientifically validated complementary and conventional medical therapies available throughout the world and provides clinical data in support of how these medical disciplines work best in synergy.  Our interactive, relational database and proprietary search engine enable Intramedicine to provide up-to-date and customized information in real-time.

As the leader in reviewing, analyzing, and disseminating information on integrative medicine, Intramedicine provides health care practitioners, product manufacturers, researchers, and marketers with insight, interpretations, and scientific data to better understand, advise, and work in this emerging field of medicine.

Intramedicine acquired all of the online and offline copyrights for Natural Health Resources (“NHR”), the leading third party content provider in this field.  Through this acquisition, Intramedicine is, by far, the most comprehensive online integrative medicine information source available today. It is a global compilation of scientifically validated studies, monographs, and reviews.  Intramedicine’s monographs and reports are peer-reviewed and professionally edited by our international network of medical experts.  Catalogued specifically for pharmacy, medical, and health research professionals, complex information is easily found through a powerful and proprietary search engine.  The intramedicine system’s design and relational database structure ensures that information accessed is directly relevant to the user.  Data output and search responses are customized to best suit the needs of each user.  In addition, Intramedicine’s continuing education modules enable health care providers to pursue new learning opportunities while fulfilling their professional educational requirements.

2Can Media, Inc.

 2CAN Media is a full-service interactive media company serving the entire online advertising community -- publishers, advertisers, media planners, buyers and direct marketers. With an unduplicated, site-focused sales strategy fueled by powerful industry experience in advertising sales representation, advertiser specific sponsorships, and ad management technology, 2CAN Media understands that representing media publishers and web sites as individual properties is the most effective way to achieve the highest level of customer service.

2CAN Media, Inc. was formed through the merger and partnership of WebRep LLC, Eisenberg Communications Group (ECG) and Ryan Steelberg, co-founder of AdForce (formerly IMGIS). The consolidation of these partners creates the largest site-focused advertising representation company in the industry.

2Can Media, Inc. was purchsed by AdSmart, Inc., a CMGI company for $50 miillion Plus. The combined AdSmart-2Can network exceeds 650 million monthly impressions -- a number that indicates how often people visited sites bearing ads. 2Can brings 45 Web sites to the network, which now totals 135 Web destinations including Smart Money, National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens Online and MotorTrend. The 2Can sites also add a measure of diversity to AdSmart, whose network includes several sports and outdoor sites.

Kendall & Associates

Kendall & Associates is a full service accounting, tax, and consulting firm. The Firm has provided comprehensive services to middle-market public and private companies, as well as high net worth individuals throughout Southern California. The Firm services a variety of industries including technology, real estate, manufacturing, distributing, biotechnology, service, cleantech, and non-profit organizations. The Firm offers:

Accounting Services

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Consulting & Advisory Services

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